BBH Wellness Package


Your First Choice in Wellness and Total Patient Care

Bethel Baptist Hospital continues to serve the people of Bukidnon and its growing clientele for all these 60 years now. Our goal is to provide “Your First Choice in Wellness and Total Patient Care.”

Our hospital statistics show that the leading causes of death have changed from infectious and diarrheal diseases to lifestyle-related illnesses such as Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease due to high blood pressure, Renal Failure and Cancer (Pulmonary Malignancy). These are also consistent with world-wide statistics. Not surprisingly, about half of all deaths from heart diseases and stroke happen suddenly and unexpectedly. But the causes are actually preventable.

BBH believes in preventive care of our clients. Our goal is to maintain your health for as long as possible so you will lead productive lives, enjoy your families and have a vital relationship with God. Early detection of diseases and intervention will protect you and your family.

As our response to this need, BBH came up with the Wellness and Health Care Panels and Packages. We believe that our customers deserve products and services that best cater their ever-changing health care needs and that quality health care should be affordable and accessible.

Consistent with our pursuit of excellence, we now offer you “Your First Choice in Wellness Total Patient Care” with our tertiary-level laboratory facilities, diagnostic imaging capabilities and quality medical practitioners composed of Family and Specialty Care Physicians.

Please click the choices below to know more about the best Diagnostic Health Care and Wellness Packages that will suit your specific needs.


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