To accomplish our purpose and to carry on the BBHI ministry, God has given us a definite organizational setup. Over the years it has expanded as the work has grown. The following is a brief and general outline of what it now includes.

The management of BBHI is vested in the governing body known as Board of Trustees (BOT), consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and the three Trustees. The BOT are elected from among the Board of Incorporators during its annual meeting for a one-year term of office. However, there is no limit to the number of terms that a member may serve consecutively.

The BOT is empowered to appoint a Hospital Director and line Department Heads that include but not limited to, Medical, Nursing, Administrative, Finance and Evangelism & Discipleship Departments. Below these departments are sections and sub-sections with clearly defined duties and responsibilities.

For greater efficiency of day-to-day hospital operation, the BBHI Constitution & By-Laws provide the creation of Hospital Management Committee (HosCom) to assist the Hospital Director in seeing to it that policies, rules and regulations are properly implemented. The HosCom is also responsible for bringing feedback and matters that need BOT action.

BBH Health CardBBH Health Card

BBH Health Card

BBH health card provides affordable and noteworthy benefits to your out-patient healthcare needs. Our foremost aspiration is to meet or even exceed your expectation from us as HealthCare Provider in extending the best and quality medical and health care services.

BBH Diagnostic Health Care PackagesBBH Diagnostic Health Care Packages

BBH Diagnostic Health Care Packages

Bethel Baptist Hospital continues to serve the people of Bukidnon and its growing clientele for all these 60 years now. Our goal is to provide “Your First Choice in Wellness and Total Patient Care.”

Wound Care ClinicWound Care Clinic

Wound Care Clinic

Bethel Baptist Hospital Wound Care Clinic

Diabetes ClubDiabetes Club

Diabetes Club

Bethel Baptist Hospital Diabetes Club

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